Early Cellar Holes

Early Cellar Holes:

GPS Coordinates:

  • N42 ° 52.224′ W71 ° 24.911′
  • N42 ° 52.488′ W71 ° 24.933′

Because of its proximity to the Hickory Hill entrance of the Musquash the historic marker describing Londonderry’s cellar holes was placed near these early foundations. These particular cellar holes do not appear on any maps of the Londonderry area. The earliest maps available date from 1805. The maps included in this site date from 1857 and 1892. Each of these maps clearly show the homes on all of the surrounding roads, Wiley Hill Road and High Range Road. But none show these two particular cellar holes. One can conclude form this that they were built and abandoned earlier than the maps which are available.

No mention is made of the inhabitants of the homestead, or the existence of the cellar holes in any local histories.